Florida and over the Georgia line...

Skipping from FL to GA travel today. We travel to Blue Ridge,GA every year and rent a cabin in the mountains. We have used a few cabin rental companies but by far  http://www.1mymountain.com/ has been our favorite. They have beautiful clean cabins and are the friendliest staff working there. If your ever thinking of renting definitely check them out. 

Every year the town has grown but is still has the small town feel. I would suggest you also check groupon for some budget friendly activites. (we will get into that on another day!) 

These beauties of nature are just some of the wonders while walking on the mountain. As we count down to this years vacation I will share a few businesses and must see things to do in see in that area! 

Have a place we should visit or company you want to recommend let me know! 

Florida Resident State Park Passes...yes so much awesomeness in one state!

Are you a resident of Florida? Do you like state parks? Did you know that FL offers an Annual Pass to their parks? 

Here is the link to the website that gives all the details. 

They also offer  a Free Lifetime Military Entrance Passes for honorably discharged United States veterans who have service-connected disabilities. 

So if you like nature, hiking and swimming you can get the family pass for just $160 for the year!

If you have a favorite park share which one!

So let the adventures begin....

What better way to share our families traveling adventures then a blog! We love to take small day trips to week or more trips and find new places to visit on every trip. So click that little subscribe button! We mainly travel FL and GA so if you have a suggestion of somewhere we must go feel free to suggest one or two.... 

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